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Johnie Evans

Top Six Tattoo Picks: Johnie Evans

Hosted by tattoo artist Louie Tattooie, The Blunt Mag Tattoo Podcast is a series which dives deep into the philosophy of tattooing featuring some of the industries most prolific identities. For Episode 5, Louie invites tackler of all styles, Johnie Evans. Catch up on Episode 4 with M.J Forrest.

The Australian tattoo scene is rife with enigmatic artists, but even then Johnie Evans stands out as one. Western Sydney’s favourite son, Johnie is a true student of his trade; studying a wide range of styles and influences to truly be champion of them all. And as The Blunt Mag Tattoo Podcast host, Louie Tattooie would learn speaking with Johnie in the latest episode of the series, that is entirely by design.

From the get go, Johnie found himself in a position where entering into unchartered creative waters wasn’t just encouraged, it was the rule. Now years into his career, and countless sessions later, this cat laughs at the jobs that make his peers tremble. Whether realism, or traditional; black and grey or technicolor, there may not be a specific category for his work, but it’s safe to say there’s a style to his pieces that is categorically Johnie Evans.

Johnie takes Louie right back to his origin story as an artist, unpacking the hard lessons and home truths he’s learnt along the way. One not just for the artists, but the customers too, this episode will no doubt have you diving into the work of Johnie Evans, so we took some of the leg work out if it and dropped six of his choice pieces below.