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Danny Truong

Top Six Tattoo Picks: Danny Truong

Hosted by tattoo artist Louie Tattooie, The Blunt Mag Tattoo Podcast is a series which dives deep into the philosophy of tattooing featuring some of the industries most prolific identities. For the latest episode, Louie invites the owner of InkCulture Tattoo, Danny Truong, on for a chat.

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Given that the art of tattooing is as old as time, it’s hard to find modern day trendsetters, but that’s exactly what Danny Truong is. Bold lines with delicate shading, the deepest, darkest blacks with some of the most subtle light, dense and space, all working together on the one piece. Danny didn’t so much bin the rule book as he did deck it out with a bunch of cool new ideas, laying it out for all to see that the days of being predictable whole holding a tattoo gun are behind us.

As the owner of Canley Vale, Sydney’s InkCulture, and the co-owner of Bankstown’s Black Jade Tattoo, there’s not a whole lot about the world of tattooing that Danny hasn’t already seen with his own eyes. As such, you’re bound to take away some of his wisdom in conversation, even via the process of osmosis alone. Among other things, Danny shares with Louie his thoughts on the changing landscape of the industry, touching on the contentious topic of when, if ever, an artist can pack their swag and jump shops – something that was once considered a fatal blow to anyone’s career.

With more hard lessons learned than most other artists have learned lessons at all, Danny walks us through his origin story, life as a parent tattoo artist and plenty of other great insights from the other side of the tattoo chair. Just so you fully understand the talent we’re dealing with, we picked six of his best pieces – and boy was it difficult to keep it to six. Peep his insta, and jump on line to make a booking.

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