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Ben Hastings

Top Six Tattoo Picks: Ben Hastings

Hosted by tattoo artist Louie Tattooie, The Blunt Mag Tattoo Podcast is a series which dives deep into the philosophy of tattooing featuring some of the industries most prolific identities. For Episode 9, Louie invites Trad legend Ben Hastings.
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Big lines, big colours, big detail – nothing Ben Hastings does is small, even his smaller pieces pack a serious punch to the human gaze detection system. But what makes Ben Hastings stand out in the Australian tattoo trenches is that even within these heaving designs, there’s plenty of room for subtly; reveries of taste and style that make a Ben Hastings traditional tattoo piece standout in a crowd of traditional tattoo pieces.

Considering the art of traditional tattooing has been around for decades, it’s rare that you find an artist who’s able to unearth a freshness from the style, which is why Ben was an absolute no-brainer for the next episode of The Blunt Mag Tattoo Podcast. Chatting with the podcast host with the podcast most, Louie Tattooie, Ben recalls his the beginning of his career, how he found his own path, and staying the course in uncertain seas.

In more ways than one, Ben has left his mark on the Australian tattooing scene; save the hordes of clients to have gone under his needle, Ben is co-owner of Tattoo Rosie’s, a Sydney-based studio that has become a Mecca of sorts for those stopping through the Steak And Kidney with an itch to get zapped.

An important listen not only for rising and established artists, but also for customers interested in not just looking at the time, but understanding how the watch is made, Louie’s chat with Ben will have you pondering how to fill your personal blank canvases so be warned, none of the below examples of Ben’s work are designed to talk you down from that height.