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M.J. Forrest

Top Six Tattoo Picks: M.J. Forrest

Hosted by tattoo artist Louie Tattooie, The Blunt Mag Tattoo Podcast is a series which dives deep into the philosophy of tattooing featuring some of the industries most prolific identities. Forย Episodeย 5, Louie invites the traditional style legend, M.J. Forrest.ย Catch up on Episode 4 with Moses Savea.

You’ll find him weilding a machine at Melbourne’s beloved Korpus Tattoo Studio, but the impact that M.J. Forrest has had on Australia’s tattoo community extends to the furthest reaches of the land, and beyond. As one of the busiest names in the game, and the voice behind our comrade series The True Love Tattoo Podcast, M.J. ‘s work has gotten to the point where it’s awfully difficult to miss.

A lord of traditional styling, M.J deals in big, bold lines; hefty doses of black and vibrant flurries of colour – statement pieces that shine through whether they’re surrounded by other pieces, or sit on their own. Whether it’s a tiny wrist rocker, or an entire back piece, M.Js mastery knows no limits, nor is this an artist to back away from some of the more challenging pieces. Cutting his teeth in the chaos of walk-in appointments, M.J. is an artist with a rep for rising to any and all ink occasions.

In his role behind the microphone of The True Love Tattoo Podcast, M.J. has opened up the tattoo industry in a way that hasn’t been done before. Focusing in on the human element of ‘The Game’, M.J engages with his fellow artists at an intimate level to understand why they are the way they are; The listener, by exchange, earning a fair few life tips to keep in their pocket.

On the line with Louie Tattooie, M.J. walks us through his career, his attitudes and, of course, shares plenty of his otherwise unobtainable wisdom. We picked 6 of his career highlights to get your creative juices pumping in the meantime.