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The Boys screenshot from trailer showing Homelander. Source YouTube

The Boys are back for another blood-soaked season of skull busting

If you could hear a faint rumbling approaching from the distance in recent days, you weren’t hearing things – that was the sound of the gargantuan first trailer for Season 3 of The Boys which, this morning, splattered on the pavement before us in such shocking gore that we just can’t look away. The third season of the Amazon Prime Video series has a street date of Friday, 3rd June and by the looks of things, we simply aren’t prepared.

Any decent fan of the break-out successful series has no doubt spent much of the time since Season 2’s finale tossing and turning about where the cliffhangers, and plot escalations will take us – having seen where the show took us before, it’s a safe assumption this is one destination we aren’t equip to envision – though fans of the comic from which the show is based, are quick to point out S3 seems to connect more with the comic story than either season beforehand.

Showing absolutely no chill, the shows creators don’t hold back with the trailer in any sense – from the sheer fact this trailer alone should probably be 18+ to the many developments – including what appears to be The Deep back in Homelanders good graces, the arrival of new supes – including Jensen Ackles’ insanely anticipated Soldier Boy and last but certainly not least – the introduction of a sort of Compound V-Lite, that lasts 24 hours, being placed firmly in the arm of our fearless leader, Billy Butcher.

Has Butcher finally been corrupted by the ultimate power he so sorely fought against? Did Ryan become a c*** What’s Maeve scheming – and whose side is Soldier Boy really on? Does the human body really have that much blood in it?

It looks as though all these questions and more will be answered in a good time. One thing we know for sure – after all, Per the synopsis, it’s been a clean 12 months of peace in the world of The Boys, but that’s about to change.

Image: Youtube / Prime Video