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Gerard Way shares new song ‘Here Comes The End’ feat. Judith Hill

It feels like Christmas has come early for fans of off-centre super hero tales; first the trailer for Season 2 of The Boys fell into our laps, now mankind has been gifted with yet another second season trailer, this one for Netflix’s smash-hit series, The Umbrella Academy.

If that paragraph alone has you feeling some things, well, you better sit down because that’s not the end of it. The trailer, arriving online this morning local time, comes with a brand new single from My Chemical Romance frontman, and Umbrella Academy co-creator, Gerard Way.

‘Here Comes The End’ is a considerable departure from the wares of My Chem, but nonetheless well and truly at home within the ever-expanding creative universe of Way. The track has a touch of The Rolling Stones, a smidgen of Primal Scream and a hefty dose of droney, early-90s fuzz.

To bring ‘Here Comes The End’ to life, Way enlisted the shockingly talented Judith Hill, who cut her teeth as a backing vocalist for the likes of Michael Jackson and Stevie Wonder. No biggie.

Says Way of ‘Here Comes The End’ in a statement, “I was originally inspired to write this track when series one of The Umbrella Academy was being shot. By the time I finished it, 2020 was in full swing, the world had taken a profound turn and the song was finished in a surreal new reality.”

In a space absolutely bloated with superhero content, each seemingly more contrived than the last, The Umbrella Academy brought with it a fresh take on the whole situation. Essentially, the show is an origin story of overall personhood set to the backdrop of an impending apocalypse that can only be stopped by a mismatched group of step-siblings, each with a superpower which is merely just one layer of the complex characters.

Season 1 of the breakout fan favourite wrapped back in 2019 so Season 2 simply can’t come quick enough. Hell, even its July 31st premiere feels like a lifetime away.