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The Boys

The Boys’ new season trailer lands with an almighty bang

Comic adaptation and absolute blind-side success The Boys has fans in a frenzy today, with the very much coveted trailer for Season 2 crashing down upon us this morning in a reckless and sudden style that would make Homelander blush.

In an era where new seasons of successful streaming series run the risk of coming off as contrived or straight up half-assed, The Boys Season 2 seems to buck the trend, indicating even more jaw-dropping madness, and doubling down on the eye-opening chaos that had viewers legitimately putting their hands on their head and mouthing ‘what the actual fuck’ throughout the entire first season.

If there were any concerns the show’s creators would walk back the gore factor, well, the clip proves otherwise in about 10 seconds. Explosions: Check, torrents of blood: Check, severed body parts: Check.

Homelander being a jerk: Check, check and check.

Those who slept on the first season of the Amazon Prime Video original series firstly, need a stern kick up the back side and secondly, need to get their heads around the premise: The Boys isn’t The Avengers, nor is it Justice League, or any other super hero franchise. The Boys flips the script on the current popular tropes, depicting its ‘heroes’ as deeply flawed, morally corrupt and utterly detestable beings, whereas the ‘villains’, who act as a surrogate for the audience, are the righteous ones – but they’re certainly not saints.

The creative brain-child of Garth Ennis and Darick Robertson, The Boys began, like most things do, as a comic book series before being nabbed by Eric Kripke and adapted for the small screen. The series stars NZ actor, and Thor break-out favourite Karl Urban, with fellow Kiwi Antony Starr as the horrific Homelander, as well as the offspring of Dennis Quaid and Meg Ryan, Jack Quaid and Erin Moriarty as the internally conflicted badass, Starlight.

Season 1 wrapped in July 26 last year with one of the most infuriating cliff-hangers in streaming history. With Season 2 now just around the corner, premiering on September 4, the show’s dedicated following are rightfully losing it.