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GELD performing live at Revs. Photo by Chris Roese.

Australian punks are stepping up for the kids of Palestine

From the bushfires of 2020, to the Myanmar military coup of 2021 to the invasion of Ukraine the following year or fending off crowds of Nazis, It’s becoming all too often for the punks of Australia to rise to the occasion, and band together for those in need.

The rallying call is once again being heard, with local musicians and artists combining their powers in an effort to raise funds, awareness and support for the kids of Palestine, impacted by the continuing conflict with Israel.

Melbourne label Life Lair Regret have announced “a collaboration between our community”, Hardcore 4 Palestine, opening pre-orders for a charity merch run which will close Friday, 12th February. The bundle includes tshirt designs, stickers and patches all designed by Perth artist Thomas Sweetman, with 100% of proceeds being donated to Olive Kids, a Melbourne-based NFP working to improve the everyday conditions for Palestinian kids.

Since launching Wednesday morning, Hardcore 4 Palestine has received pre-orders in droves, with thousands already raised, thanks to the continued involvement of the community with bands such as SPEED, GELD, Outright, Blind girls and more all sharing to their audiences.

Speaking of their involvement, and why it’s important for punks to do more, GELD’s Cormac Sheehan tells BLUNT “It’s always been a rebellion; it’s about challenging the status quo and pulling at threads. Regardless of attempts to muddy the waters, the cold hard facts are that one of the most technologically advanced and economically well-supported militaries in the history of the world is currently massacring tens of thousands of people for the crime of being born in a certain geographic area.

For me, there’s no choice here – as a punk, as a hardcore kid, as a moral human that wants a fair go for all people, I feel consumed by a need to resist this in every possible way. That’s why I’m driven to try and do anything I can, even if it means losing popularity with acquaintances who prefer their punk to be of a more comfortable flavour.

And so, naturally, this stretches beyond printing some t-shirts.

Hardcore 4 Palestine is the latest in a series of campaigns from Australia’s punk scene and Life Lair Records. The For Palestine Melbourne weekenders will see the cohort take their activism to the streets with two charity shows, at Cafe Gummo and Fairfield Bowls respectively featuring a crowd of bands including Outright, Diploid, Stabbitha, XCHERISHX, R.U.B and even more. Once again all profits will go to helping the kids of Palestine via Olive Kids and eSims for Gaza.

Creating other opportunities for those on the other side of the world to feel slightly less helpless, A vinyl raffle is also currently running and raising funds for Olive Kids. Via Life Lair Records, the raffle giveaway offers a number of ways for people to contribute, and you may just walk away with a rare vinyl for your efforts. 

Indeed, many of these efforts also cater for a choose your own adventure style of donating. Rest assured, the opportunities created by Australia’s punk scene to help the children whose worlds have been destroyed are plenty.

For Palestine
Melbourne Weekender

Tickets available now

Saturday, 10th February
Cafe Gummo
Information: Cafe Gummo

Sunday, 11th February
Fairbield bowls
Information: Life Lair Records

Image: GELD performing at Revs. Photo by Chris Roese