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Gerard Way firms up deets for Umbrella Academy spin-off

With a new season of Umbrella Academy dropping last Friday on Netflix, so it’s a safe bet that already there’s a horde of fans hungry for more Hargreeves mania to sink their teeth into.

Thankfully, mastermind behind the show, Gerard Way, has shared more details on a previously teased character exploration spin-off that will dive deeper into the history of everyone’s favourite sibling, Klaus Hargreeves.

You Look Like Death: Tales From The Umbrella Academy will populate Klaus’ back story from his departure from the Umbrella Academy mansion at 18 years old. The first issue of the comic will be released by Dark Horse on the 16th of September.

“Klaus was always the first one I wanted to explore”, Way explained, noting that since Umbrella Academy: Apocalypse Suite, he had been ruminating on ideas for what had happened in his past. “It felt like a big story in itself. Since then, I’ve filled in the gaps on what the other siblings were up to in that ten-year span and I’d like to explore those stories as well. Klaus was always the first, though.”

Even for first time players that have only seen the Netflix series, it’s blindingly obvious that Klaus has an ongoing drug habit, a rocky relationship with sobriety and some serious issues in his family life. His trip to Los Angeles in You Look Like Death will show us how he ended up at that point, influenced by the greyer side of Hollywood. Way adds that we’ll see “him develop stronger habits and explore more extreme things than he had before. Los Angeles is also a place with a strong dark side, as well as this undercurrent of the occult. It is also a place where somewhat nefarious people transplanted here can more easily thrive and spread out roots, so there’s a good chance Klaus runs the risk of getting chewed up and spit out.”

Watch the trailer for ‘You Look Like Death’ below.