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Falling In Reverse

Falling In Reverse take aim at cancel culture and fire everything with ‘Zombified’

An internet theory – you know how we all love those – has been doing the rounds since back in 2009 that posits a strong correlation between the monsters we see on our screens, and the state of politics. To whittle it down, the study demonstrated that when a Democrat held the Oval Office, zombie flicks reigned supreme. But, when a Republican held it, Vampire flicks took over.

There’s a lot to unpack here. Is that how Democrats see the other? As a faceless, groaning horde of unwashed ghouls? Do Republicans see Democrats as these wannabe, skulking ethereal beings who exist beyond reproach? One thing’s for sure – you’re not about to find the answer here. What you will find is a brand new single from Falling In Reverse which shoe horns itself in the dead centre of that debate with all the blunt force trauma of a battle-worn axe.

‘Zombified’, co-written by Radke with Wage War’s Cody Quinstad and Point North’s Jon Lundin rose from the abyss overnight, and sees the bands beloved frontman Ronnie Radke dish out his take on cancel culture, political correctness and ‘woke culture’ set to the backdrop of a Zombie invasion popping off right around band prac.

“Oh no they’ll never let go, Of something you said 10 years ago They’re cancelling you, And they won’t stop till everybody’s ZOMBIFIED” Radke croons making it rather clear what the subject matter of the song is about, if the clip didn’t do it for you. And containing a hefty dose of gunslinging, mic-stand swashbuckling and general zombie-slaying chaos, the clip isn’t exactly subtle on it’s metaphors.

But regardless of how Radke’s personal sensibilities coalesce with yours, the song is nothing short of one of his finest, and you’re gonna need to make peace with that. Featuring what is now sure to be the Ronnie Radke trademark earth-shaking chorus, and a bone-blasting breakdown from which there is no escape, ‘Zombified’ is designed to unease, with Radke’s Raison d’etre for ruffling feathers.

‘Zombified’ is the first warning shot from an upcoming EP for Falling In Reverse titled Neon Zombie.

It’s safe to say if you feel yourself getting hot under the collar listening to this – you’ve already lost, and you’re making your first steps to further fortifying Radke’s whole argument. And while it’s important to uphold your beliefs, your values and your morals…That breakdown, tho.