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Falling In Reverse

Falling In Reverse share epic re-work of ‘I’m Not A Vampire’

You’d be hard-pressed at the moment to compile an argument that Ronnie Radke isn’t levelling up before our eyes. It seems he’s noticed himself, going through moments in his back catalogue with his newfound powers to demonstrate the latent potential within. Over the weekend, Radke ravaged fan-favourite ‘I’m Not A Vampire’, adding a level of Victorian-era macabre and drama that would make Nosferatu himself blush.

‘I’m Not A Vampire (Re-Vamped)’ couldn’t be more removed from the original. Now placed precariously atop a delicate array of keys and strings, the story has changed completely. Now, a mirror has been placed before the original, revealing its true form: A scathing moment of introspection from which there is no out running.

“‘I’m Not a Vampire (Revamped)’ was over 10 years in the making,” says Ronnie Radke. “I wrote the original song, while sitting inside a maximum security prison, about drug addiction. I always believed songs such as this one had more to offer than its original form, so I wanted to give fans a new perspective and redefine who I am when it comes to expressing myself and being creative.”

‘I’m Not A Vampire’ originally spawned as part of Falling In Reverse’s now-gold-certified debut The Drug In Me Is You, which has been the focus of Radke’s revised artistic vision, first sinking his fangs into the title track for an equally as epic and resonating rework. The dude would go on to prove he has the Midas touch by releasing a B-side from the Coming Home sessions, sending the track to #1 on the charts in a matter of hours.

Falling In Reverse will be hosting the upcoming livestreamed session ‘Live From the Unknown‘ and in classic Radke style, this won’t be your mum and pop’s vibe: “‘Live From the Unknown‘ is a two-part event I have created that has never been done,” Radke explains. “It’s two shows on separate nights with added elements that you just have to see to understand. Me trying to explain it now would ruin the live experience and also wouldn’t do it justice. Make sure you grab your tickets cause it probably will never happen like this again!” Pick up your tickets here.

Check out Radke’s revision of ‘I’m Not A Vampire’ below.