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Falling In Reverse

Falling In Reverse share single that was never meant to be

It might just be an unreleased b-side from Falling In Reverse’s 2017 Coming Home Sessions, but it’s what Ronnie Radke has done with his new single-that-was-never-meant-to be that has fans leaping out of bed this morning.

Following an alleged and extensive campaign from his swelling Twitch following for Radke to release the track, ‘Carry On’ has appeared all over the internet this morning, and in spite of the seemingly sudden release strategy, the track, some 3 years after it was written, has already found its way to #1, toppling all that stood in its way on the UK rock charts some five hours after its release.

Coming Home proved to be some what of a polarising release with the unwashed masses, given that some of us adored the atmospheric, droney almost post-punk throwback, where as others simply wanted nothing to do with it.

‘Carry On’ brings forth the same energy; fit with a hefty dose of synth and soundscapes so sparse that no one could hear you scream. You can check out the track below.

The new track, and the thunderous applause with which its release was met was no doubt both a shock, and thrill for the Falling In Reverse team, who could absolutely do with some good news given it’ the first single, b-side or otherwise, to come from the camp since the passing of guitarist Derek Jones earlier in the year.

While he insists it was his fans that forced his hands to release the track, no doubt this was more or less all part of Radke’s master plan, given his explanation to Blunt Magazine that he plans on releasing singles, over albums or EPs, for the next while.

“I’m not the first to do singles. I got it from rappers and pop artists. They’ll drop a single every now and then out of nowhere”, Radke explained, “But for rock and metal and all that stuff, nobody’s doing singles, not like I’ve been doing it. I feel like that’s the next move.”

Considering we’d have to send off to NASA to truly calculate the exact numbers of streams that Falling In Reverse’s recent series of singles have amassed, it’s hard to argue with his point.