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Running Touch shares first instalment of ‘Post Modern Collective Sessions’

While electro-pop artist Running Touch enjoys keeping an air of mystery around his project at all times, it’s also the industry’s worst kept secret that he’s a founding member of heavier outlet Ocean Grove. It therefore comes as no surprise that he’s tapped some of his contemporaries in the alt scene on the shoulder to support him with this venture, announcing today that this will take place in the form of the Post Modern Collective Sessions.

The first cab off the rank for the series sees Ocean Grove’s Sam Bassal, Northlane’s Nic Petterson and Crooked Colours’ Lamby come together for a live drum video of Running Touch’s new track ‘Signs’, focusing on the instrumentals behind what is historically a predominantly electronic dance project. It sees Running Touch’s two worlds collide, and it could not be more glorious in uniting some of our favourite musicians in the scene.

All this accumulating magic is leading up towards an eventual full-length album, which was teased over previous months with smash outing ‘Meet Me’. Running Touch shared a playlist with us earlier this year of the songs that influenced that stage of the project. “It is about obsession”, shared its composer. “It’s consumption. How it has two hands – one in ‘want’ and one in self-infliction and how these feed off each other.” From Frank Ocean (“who I look up to in terms of lyricism”) to Volumes (“one of the most visual, brooding hardcore cuts I’ve found”), it’s easy to understand how Running Touch straddles the fence between heavy and pop by considering what he’s a fan of.

Watch this space for more on Running Touch’s next move, which will hopefully be in the form of a long player that ignites a spark in these dark times of our pandemic world.

Check out the Post Modern Collective rendition of ‘Signs’ below.