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Running Touch: Songs about obsession

From Melbourne’s pre-existing alternative scene has emerged the individual simply known as Running Touch. Having released single ‘Meet Me’ recently to buzz from the community, the mysterious act hints as to what his forthcoming debut album may offer.

‘Meet Me’ is born from the concept of affinity. “It is about obsession”, says its composer. “It’s consumption. How it has two hands – one in ‘want’ and one in self-infliction and how these feed off each other.” The songs that influenced the making of ‘Meet Me’ – songs about that obsession – were shared with us by Running Touch below.

Lana Del Rey- ‘Norman Fucking Rockwell’

Flawless talk between the composition and lyrics. There is something special when those two are in unison. Especially when the topic is as graphic as what Lana gives us.

Christopher Port – ‘What I Leave Behind’

There is a lot of romanticism and colour in this song. Like you were reminiscing on something figurative.

Frank Ocean – ‘Pink Matter’

This puts you in the room with how concise and honest Frank is with his obsession and adoration. I would say he is who I look up to in terms of lyricism.

Ben Bohmer – ‘Promise You’

Like Christopher Port’s record, there is so much in this that would draw out want. 

The Weeknd – ‘Rolling Stone’

The Weeknd, a lot like Frank, is so visual. When you pair that with how well it translates through the music it’s powerful. I love The Weeknd’s take on and forfeiture to obsession.  

Leon Vynehall – ‘Blush’

Everything down to the mix lends itself to emotion. One of my favourite songs to reference.

Portishead – ‘Glory Box’

Like a lot of the songs on this list, the production almost says more than the lyrics. I get the same feeling from Jamie XX’s ‘Girl’. One of my favourite production moments happens around 4:15.

Volumes – ‘Across The Bed’

It’s not often a hardcore band can deliver a love story/song this well. One of the most visual, brooding hardcore cuts I’ve found.

Pixies – ‘Hey’

Similar to ‘Glory Box’, this song is the soundtrack to a decade of emotion. Charles has some of the best writing vocally in that era. 

Gary Jules, Michael Andrews – ‘Mad World’ 

A once-in-20-years type song. The layers speak to every kind of person.

Listen to Running Touch’s ‘Meet Me’ below.