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A Band's Best Friend

A Band’s Best Friend: Dakota Alvarez of Hollow Front and his pup Waylon

Sure, musicians are cool – they make great art, and they’re usually pretty dope people off-stage too. But you know who’s way cooler than any musician? The pet of any musician.

It’s a medical fact that scene pets are the leading source of nature’s serotonin reserves. Enter: A Band’s Best Friend, one of the all-time greatest columns from the olden days of BLUNT (back when we were in print – remember magazines!?), groomed and re-trained for the modern day. This time around, we’ve been given the privilege to meet Waylon, the right-hand-man of Hollow Front guitarist Dakota Alvarez.

What’s your best friend’s name?

And what do you actually call them?
I either call him Waylon, or Way if he’s about to pounce.

What animal is your best friend?
He’s a big ol’ Pitbull puppy!

How did you and your best friend meet?
We ended up adopting him from a shelter, late last year.

How would you best describe your best friend’s character?
He’s very excited all the time. While he’s still very timid around strangers, once he warms up to you he’s on autopilot, and he needs to play 24/7!

Tell us some of the more trying times in your friendship with your best friend? 
In the beginning, we found out that he was abused and used as bait dog as a puppy. So he was very skittish and nervous around us. He would growl, and bark at any fast movement. It took about two to three months for him to allow me to even pet him.

But what keeps the friendship going strong?
He’s one of the most loveable puppies out there! While he looks bulky in figure, he’s got the softest eyes and most compassionate aura to him.

What’s your favourite memory with your best friend? 
There was one time I went to chase him and he got so excited that he didn’t know where to run, so he just ran in full circles for a good ten seconds – until he realised he could run through the rest of the house.

Where can we catch the adventures of you and your best friend (ie. social media)?
You can find pictures and stories of him on my instagram, @dakotaalvarez!

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