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A Band's Best Friend

A Band’s Best Friend: Sam Sheumack of Fangz and his cat Tiki

Sure, musicians are cool – they make great art, and they’re usually pretty dope people off-stage too. But you know who’s way cooler than any musician? The pet of any musician.

It’s a medical fact that scene pets are the leading source of nature’s serotonin reserves. Enter: A Band’s Best Friend, one of the all-time greatest columns from the olden days of BLUNT (back when we were in print – remember magazines!?), groomed and re-trained for the modern day. This time around, we’ve been given the privilege to meet Tiki, the right-hand-woman of Fangz guitarist Sam Sheumack.

What’s your best friend’s name?

And what do you actually call them?
Tiki, Buddy, Dogcat or Upcat.

What animal is your best friend?
Tiki is a Tonkinese cat that sometimes exhibits dog-like tendencies.

How did you and your best friend meet?
My partner Courtney and I decided to move out of our sharehouse and into our own apartment in Marrickville. We’re both very busy people and travel a lot separately for work and touring, so we decided to get a kitten to keep whoever was stuck at home company. When we went to meet her, she bolted up to us meowing – the rest is history!

How would you best describe your best friend’s character?
Tiki is very similar to me in that she’s extremely energetic, noisy, and sometimes a bit crazy (ie. 3:00am parkour – albeit hers isn’t due to 100 beers). She is also extremely loving, and loves nothing more than to chill on your lap in front of the TV or sit on your shoulder as you attempt to do anything at all other than pay attention to her.

Tell us some of the more trying times in your friendship with your best friend?
Before getting Tiki, Courtney and I had agreed that the cat wouldn’t be allowed in our bed. On the first night we brought her home, we tried to set her up in the laundry with her own bed, hot water bottles, calming pheromones, etcetera, all to make her as comfortable as possible on her first night alone. As soon as we closed the bedroom door, she started meowing and crying for us loudly. Courtney shortly got up to comfort her, and after about 20 minutes, I heard no noise coming from the laundry. I got up to find Courtney wrapped in a sheet, asleep on the floor with the kitten in her arms. The cat has slept in the bed with us since!

But what keeps the friendship going strong?
I’d say our walks. Tiki loves nothing more than going on walks in the sun, out around the neighbourhood on her lead. The looks I get as a heavily tattooed, long-haired man in an Adidas tracksuit walking a small, adorable cat on a lead are priceless.

What’s your favourite memory with your best friend?
Originally, I wanted a dog as a companion, so the first day that I was playing with Tiki, throwing a toy for her and having her run back with it in her mouth, was a very special day. She continues to fetch toys at all hours of the morning – sometimes I’m even greeted with them on my face at 4:00am! I’m very much a cat person now.

Where can we catch the adventures of you and your best friend (ie. social media)?
Catch us on Instagram @tikithetonk.