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Internet Friends

Watch: Internet Friends talk harmonies and home truths

The concept of sugaring down medicine has long since left the realm of mother’s groups. The premise of trojan horsing the bad news under the banner of something sweeter has proven especially effective in music, too. Take for instance Internet Friends, who combine blissed out, shiny harmonies and instrumentals to force down some hard-to-swallow home truths. With the group rapidly picking up pace and support; here comes the airplane, motherfucker.

Following the release of recent single ‘Conscience Clear‘, Blunt Magazine sat down with Internet Friends vocalist/guitarist/mastermind Booka Nile, who branched out from her duties for metalcore mainstays Make Them Suffer to embark on the project.

Speaking ahead of the release of the single, Booka explained: “My songs generally are all about someone who’s pissed me off badly and instead of managing the conflict like a normal adult…I just write a bitchy song about them,” something we unpack further in the chat.

Containing a small crowd of, well, friends, Internet Friends set out to make a band that flipped the all-too-common gender disparity of all boys, one girl, taking the form of all girls, one boy.

Once the line-up was established, Internet Friends soon found the purview of naming and shaming poor behaviour in the language of unashamed honesty. Dipping their wick in personal stories, Internet Friends pens scathing assessments tainted with dark humour set atop a bright songbed.

Now picking up some momentum that’s hard to ignore, we’ll never quite know what level of fuckery Internet Friends will have in their sights next. The only real way to ensure that you and your reckless ways don’t end up as the subject of a new song is to simply become a better person. Game on.

‘Conscience Clear’ by Internet Friends is out now.