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Dear Seattle

WATCH: Dear Seattle talk maturity and mindfulness

It didn’t take long for Sydney’s Dear Seattle to earn the reputation of one of Australia’s hardest working bands. In the time it took them to release just one full-length record, 2019’s Don’t Let Go, the band achieved what most fail to do with five albums, securing a safe place in the hearts and minds of fans across the globe. It wasn’t luck, nor was it a fluke; but the results of masterfully wielding their alt-rock sensibilities with a panache that few of their peers could muster.

And thus all those who consider themselves peers of the four-piece fell in line with the release of their brand new single ‘In My Head’, an anthemic hook-fest that wrangles with an all-too-relatable issue before laying it out in a way that’s both comforting and resonant for even the sternest of listeners. BLUNT is always looking for an opportunity to check in with Dear Seattle and upon hearing the new tune, and hushed talk of more to come, we wouldn’t even let Sydney’s Lockdown Round II get in the way of a chat.

We were joined by vocalist Brae Fisher and bassist Jeremy Baker who were kind enough to unfurl their creative process. Marked as the most mature and nuanced release from the band to date, Brea and Jezz extrapolate what that means to them, and how this was merely the organic outcome of where they’re currently at as creatives. Real-life pressures such as the ongoing pandemic impacting writing sessions, the human instinct of searching for greener grasses, and an urge to be able to simply enjoy the moment all collided throughout the creation process. Brae and Jezz also unpack the very real-life lessons that were waiting for them on the other side.

Check out Dear Seattle’s new single ‘In My Head’ below.