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Internet Friends

Internet Friends take toxic people to task with ‘Conscience Clear’

Considering they’ve already approached the topics of a civil union with one’s vibrator and the uncanny similarities between falling in love and a UTI, it’s clear that Internet Friends have no qualms being brutally honest. But it’s not just their ability to discuss such things without breaking eye contact that has the Perth outfit leaving many awkwardly unsure what do with their hands, it’s the technicoloured way in which they do it. And they’ve done it again with their latest slice, ‘Conscience Clear’.

Blissed-out, shimmering, expansive and fun, ‘Conscience Clear’ burns at a temperature far too hot to be measured by the mere concept of ‘genre’. Kelvins would be a more appropriate gauge for ‘Conscience Clear’, which would put it at, like, heaps of Kelvins.

Starting in the form of piano-driven indie-rock, ‘Conscience Clear’ explodes into a cacophony of sonic curiosities with beeps, bops and chug flying from every which way. Soaring gracefully atop is the stellar vocal work of none other than Booka Nile (Make Them Suffer) who fronts the 5-piece, who have proudly welcomed new guitarist and backing vocalist Emily Friend into the fold.

Speaking to the subject matter of her songs in general, Booka explains: “My songs generally are all about someone who’s pissed me off badly and instead of managing the conflict like a normal adult…I just write a bitchy song about them.”

And so with that background information, there’s no doubt someone’s awkwardly tugging at their collar considering the subject matter of ‘Conscience Clear’, that being the surgical removal of toxic people from your life whether it be digital, or otherwise.

Ergo, it’s safe to surmise that ‘Conscience Clear’ doesn’t just slap, it bites too. Indeed through their savvy innuendos, 80s satire and embodiment of being unashamed silly buggers, Internet Friends are developing a knack for unearthing greater truths. The aim of the game for listeners now is to live a good, equitable life lest you become the butt of the joke.

‘Conscience Clear’ has an official street date of Friday, 29th January, but you can sink your teeth into it for a First Listen below.