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-196 Double Lemon

Japan’s favourite Strong Zero is launching in Oz and our bodies are ready

If there’s a pastime that we Australians partake in with as much fervour as we do gawking at the foods and drinks of our international siblings, well, I don’t want to hear about it. It’s the great Australian pastime as far as we’re concerned and for those who agree, boy do we have news for you. Cult-classic Japanese hard lemonade Strong Zero is making its way Down Under, launching on our shores as -196 Double Lemon.

“Aussies who’ve travelled to Japan show a genuine love for one of the country’s biggest and fastest-growing brands -196 ֯C Strong Zero, and we’re excited to launch our very own -196 Double Lemon in Australia. We want Aussies to feel like they’re enjoying the real deal, straight from the fridge of a convenience store in Tokyo. Unmistakably Japanese, we can’t wait for this next-level refreshment to hit Aussie shelves,” says Beam Suntory Director of Innovation, Kay Oh, of the announcement.

Don’t let the name change put you off, though. -196 Double Lemon will still embody the insanely refreshing and buzzing shōchū, vodka, soda and lemon. The same highfalutin science is also involved in production, with Suntory’s team of crack scientists employing their unique Freeze Crush Infusion Technology, which involves the freezing of a whole lemon to -196 degrees celsius using liquid nitrogen, then smooshing it good and proper, allowing the alcohol to get all up within.

As such, by both name and nature -196 Double Lemon is an extreme drinking experience, but without the extreme guilt trip – with just 0.3 grams of sugar, 122 calories and a stable ABV of six percent per can, you can pre-game and feel great about it.

Keep your eyes peeled, with -196 Double Lemon available nationally, priced at RRP $22 for a four-pack and $47 for a ten-pack. And of course, enjoy responsibly!