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The creator of John Wick is adapting a Splinter Cell series for Netflix

Beloved video game action series Splinter Cell is coming to the small screen. Written and produced by Derek Kolstad, the mastermind behind the John Wick franchise, Splinter Cell is an original animated series exclusive to Netflix.

There isn’t much known about the show in regards to plot or voice actors (fingers crossed Michael Ironside returns), but Netflix has great faith in Splinter Cell being a streaming success, having already committed to a 16-episode second season. Considering the involvement of Kolstad, fans should be expecting non-stop action with a plot expanding on the mythology of protagonist Sam Fisher (and a possible Keanu Reeves cameo).

Endorsed by author Tom Clancy, the first Splinter Cell game was released way back in 2002 to near critical acclaim. In the game, you take on the role of former Navy Seal Fisher, a courageous soldier recruited by the NSA to work for the mysterious Third Echelon Division. The game involves you partaking in various black ops missions, relying on stealth and military tactics to survive. This type of gameplay would come to define the series going forward and help turn Fisher into one of the greatest video game characters of the modern era.

Splinter Cell would go on to spawn six sequels, seven tie-in novels and become a flagship franchise for Ubisoft alongside Assassin’s Creed. Rumours of a Splinter Cell film have been doing the rounds since 2012 when Tom Hardy was attached to star, but nothing has yet to eventuate.

The last Splinter Cell game released was Splinter Cell Blacklist in 2013, and with no future releases on the horizon, this animated series might be as close as we get to seeing the iconic Fisher take down a horde of bad guys with stealth kills as the fate of the world hangs in the balance.

Prepare yourself by revisiting the trailer for Splinter Cell’s last instalment below.