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Korn continue their nu-metal supremacy with spicy new jam ‘Start The Healing’

Almost three decades into their tenure, there’s no pressure on Korn to continue smashing out the hits. They’ve dropped 13 albums thus far, some way better than others, but mostly solid all the way through – there’s only one logical reason they’d keep the flame alight, and that’s a genuine love for their art.

One stream of the band’s punchy and powerful new single, ‘Start The Healing’, and it becomes clear just how much love Korn have for their art; nu-metal schtick be damned, Jonathan Davis and co. are fucking crushing it! And there are eight more songs where it came from, with the band’s 14th album, Requiem, slated to hit shelves on February 4th via Loma Vista.

As we learned from a press release, the ongoing pandemic loaned the band an opportunity to experiment in ways they’d even considered in years past – impressive when you consider The Path Of Totality. The new disc is said to be “born of time and the ability to create without pressure”, and saw the band “energised by a new creative process… which unearthed newfound sonic dimension and texture in their music”. The quintet collaborated in new and inventive ways, stepping out of their respective comfort zones to try things that seemed, at face value, decidedly un-Korn – like tracking their parts to analogue tape.

‘Start The Healing’ arrives alongside a film clip that truly boggles the mind with how left-field it is. Speaking on its concept, director Tim Saccenti said: “Our idea for this video was to mutate that aspect of the DNA of Korn, of what makes them so inspiring, their mix of raw power and transportive aesthetics and human emotion. I wanted to take the viewer on an emotional journey, as the song does, a visceral, cathartic death and rebirth that will hopefully help transport the listener through whatever their personal struggles are. Collaborating with 3-D artist Anthony Ciannamea we tapped into Korn’s mythology and explored their vast well of light and darkness to create a surreal, liminal-pace body-horror nightmare.”

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Requiem is out February 4th via Loma Vista
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