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Premiere: Wolf & Chain have us pining for a pit with the gig-centric film clip for ‘Still Alive’

Adelaidian emo-punkers Wolf & Chain have delivered their “the first step into reality” with a striking new video for one of their sharpest tracks, ‘Still Alive’.

The penultimate cut of their ripping new EP, ‘Amor Amortal’ – which landed independently back in October – ‘Still Alive’ shines brightly with tight, boisterous riffs, calamitous drums and frontman Jack Cumes’ soaring lead vocals.

As many of our colleagues have beaten us to the point in pointing out, there’s a very clear, fastidious influence that Wolf & Chain glean from My Chemical Romance, drawing both sonically and aesthetically from their Three Cheers For Sweet Revenge era. But ‘Still Alive’ is no mere pastiche; if any band can breathe new life into that shimmery, yet simultaneously gristly, pseudo-goth style – and do it right, with the care and consideration it truly deserves – we’re certain it’s Wolf & Chain.

Nowhere is that more evident than in the video for ‘Still Alive’, flicking chaotically between shots of the band jamming out to their hearts’ content – Cumes and co. wreaking havoc on their instruments as if to destroy them – and shots of them living it up on tour. All reports point to Wolf & Chain’s live show being inescapably energised, and after copping a few minutes of footage from it, we have to admit, we are dying to see them tear it up in the flesh. Luckily for us, Wolf & Chain are set to bring their unique brand of sonic disarray to the forthcoming Uncaged festival, hitting Brisbane, Melbourne and Sydney in the early weeks of 2022. 

“The video for ‘Still Alive’ is really special to us,” Cumes said in a press release, “because it’s the first step into reality for the band so far. Our previous videos have been very fantastical and concept-driven, so it was a real departure for us to put the real life of the band out there. It’s also a soft part three to our previous videos; as the band dies at the end of the tale, we are brought into a purgatory-like space, doomed to forever perform ‘Still Alive’ while our lives flash before our eyes.”

“The song is a very personal one and reflects on the experiences that we went through during the making of the record, so it felt appropriate to wear it on our sleeves and bring the fantasy world of Wolf & Chain into real life. Often our stories are metaphors for things that are very real, so it felt right to showcase the fantasy and reality side by side as the finale for this era of the band.”

Wolf & Chain are premiering the video for ‘Still Alive’ right now on BLUNT – check it out below!

Amor Mortal is out now independently
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