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In Hearts Wake

In Hearts Wake announce new album created with an entirely carbon offset process

Where others might simply post a tweet to commemorate this week’s Earth Day, Aussie legends In Hearts Wake have gone the extra mile, announcing today that they’ve put their money where their mouth is with an entirely carbon offset process for their new record. KALIYUGA represents the band’s fifth studio album, set for release on August 7, 2020.

“During the recording process we measured every power socket, counted every light, pound of freight, food consumption, driving mile and airfare taken. We were then able to find the total carbon footprint and offset it by supporting a rewilding project in Australia on First Nations land” commented frontman Jake Taylor. “Our mission to help support and sustain life on earth has made us realise that less is more. Many industries are evolving, and as musicians we feel it’s time to do our part. It’s been challenging to navigate the retail hurdles, find sustainable materials and successful companies that embody our ethos, but through a bit of research we’ve discovered that there are many solutions out there.”

The announcement was accompanied by new single ‘Son Of A Witch’, which is the second cut to be streamed from the LP, following on from ‘Worldwide Suicide‘. The track is influenced by frontman Jake Taylor’s experience of 2018’s Malibu Fires. It was written prior to the burning of the Amazon Rainforest, in addition to the wildfires that hit Australia earlier this year. Initial plans for the video were thwarted by the coronavirus pandemic, resulting in the animated clip below.

The recording process of KALIYUGA has been calculated in terms of its carbon impact and the team behind In Hearts Wake have entirely offset it through the purchase of carbon credits in the Yarra Yarra Biodiversity Corridor of Western Australia. With manufacturing plans to be plastic free, hopefully this bold move by In Hearts Wake incites positive actions by their colleagues in music and by the community that follows their message.

Listen to ‘Son Of A Witch’ below.