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Haus of Horror announce their 2023/24 season of haunted cinema

Hotly anticipated by Sydney cinemagoers, Australia’s leading horror brand Haus of Horror have announced their new season for 2023/24. Screening your favourite horror movies in the state’s most frightening locations from November onwards this year, prepare for a rollercoaster of kicks as cult classics like American Psycho, Evil Dead and Gremlins provide a cinematic experience on a whole new level in delightfully haunted settings. A warning to the faint-hearted among us, there will be scare actors – and of course, we would hope, there will be blood.

For the first time ever, Haus of Horror are offering an exclusive VIP pass that promises unparalleled access and convenience. With this pass, horror enthusiasts gain entry to every cinema event in their lineup, ensuring they don’t miss a single terrifying moment. This year’s adventure will immerse audiences in the disturbing atmosphere of the historic Parramatta Gaol, known for its 150-year history as a correctional facility which housed notorious criminals, featured harsh conditions, and witnessed violence and executions. If that’s not an ideal enough location, Camperdown Cemetery will also play host as a theatre. One of the oldest cemeteries in the area and steeped in tales of the deceased, punters can wander among the final resting places of countless souls and revel in the discomfort of a fitting, and chilling, setting.

If you’re prone to comfort eating in times of fear or anxiety, food trucks will be onsite to satisfy your cravings, in addition to themed bars for those who need a little liquid courage to make their way through the pre and post-chainsaw chapters of Evil Dead. To make the memories last, you can also swing through the photobooths, but don’t be surprised if you catch a shadow in the corner as the film develops.

Check out all the details of Haus of Horror’s upcoming season here, with options for a Platinum VIP Cinema Pass (ten events), 6Six6 Cinema Pass (any six events, any location), Gaol Cinema Pass (six events at Parramatta Gaol) and Graveyard Cinema Pass (four events at Camperdown Cemetery). Dates and screenings can be found below.

Haus of Horror 2023/24 at Parramatta Gaol

A Nightmare on Elm Street
Saturday, November 11th
Tickets: Haus of Horror

The Nightmare Before Christmas
Saturday, December 2nd
Tickets: Haus of Horror

American Psycho
Saturday, January 6th
Tickets: Haus of Horror

The Craft
Saturday, January 27th
Tickets: Haus of Horror

Dracula (1992)
Saturday, February 10th
Tickets: Haus of Horror

Evil Dead
Saturday, March 2nd
Tickets: Haus of Horror

Haus of Horror 2023/24 at Camperdown Cemetery

Saturday, November 25th
Tickets: Haus of Horror

Saturday, January 20th
Tickets: Haus of Horror

Addams Family (1991)
Saturday, February 17th
Tickets: Haus of Horror

Edward Scissorhands
Saturday, March 16th
Tickets: Haus of Horror