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International punks rally for Myanmar with charity compilation album

If there’s a group that’s proven time and time again to be willing and able to unite in the name of a bigger cause, it’s the alternative community. Just look at the legwork the Australian scene did to support those affected by the recent devastating bushfires.

The punk rock lantern has once again been lit, summoning all those who concern themselves with punk rock and international issues. Putting our focus on the current crises in Myanmar, new compilation album 100% Three Fingers in the Air Punk Rock has been put together, creating an effective avenue for our community to help where we can.

Available now and exclusively via Bandcamp, 100% of all proceeds from the sale of the International Solidarity Compilation will go to Food Not Bombs – Myanmar, an anti-war organisation tasked with providing food and other important requirements to those who have been impacted by the current crises.

“In Myanmar the military have taken over the country,” the description reads. “It has arrested the democratically elected leader and imprisoned, tortured and killed all those that oppose it. Collectively, we may be able to assist, by helping to pay for food, clothing, medical aid, and by supporting those who have stepped up to face down the fascist junta.”

The album, complied by the UK’s Death Pint Records, contains a head-spinning 25 tracks contributed by an array of punk rock bands from all over the world, including Myanmar’s own punk rock ensemble, The Rebel Riot.

Also included in the compilation is the previously defunct anarcho-punks Exit-Stance, who recently reformed, as well as Poland DIY outfit Orphanage Named Earth, Swedish punks Wolfhour, Minneapolis crust punks War//Plague, Portland’s Cliterati, Scotland’s Brain Anguish and a metric fuck tonne more.

Sitting at a very agreeable $10USD, the compilation will set Aussie buyers back a little over $13AUD, which will be pumped straight into food for the starving, also allowing Food Not Bombs the breathing space to provide further services to those that need them the most.

Pick up the 100% Three Fingers in the Air Punk Rock compilation here.