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No Bar For Nazis

Melb punks respond to intimidation with charity gig ‘No Bar For Nazis’

Rather than backing down in the face of rotten and coordinated intimidation from a group of neo-Nazis following an incident at The Irish Times pub, Naarm’s activist and music community has again demonstrated its ability to hit back, announcing the ‘No Bar For Nazis’ fundraiser and live music event in solidarity with the pub’s former employees, now unemployed following the confrontation.

On Saturday, 10th September, one and all are invited to come from near and far to celebrate Melbourne’s staunch anti-fascist movement which prides itself on the simple yet strangely volatile statement that Nazis aren’t welcome anywhere. The event will feature live performances from garage punks Munted Chunts, Irish folk troubadour Petie McKernan, post-punk wonder Ze Wisenheimer, the cathartic and raw Pala and shoegazers, Silurian.

The event will also be an opportunity to donate to an official GoFundMe set up by The Community Union Defence League in collaboration with the James Connolly Association and Anti-Facist Action Albury/Wodonga, with funds going to a queer charity chosen by the embattled staff. Those who can’t make the event are encouraged to still donate via GoFundMe, if they’re in a position to do so.

“The whole saga surrounding the Irish Pub incident and fallout has been highly frustrating, emotionally charging and left many people feeling powerless,” said the event and campaign organisers. “This is our chance to turn that negative into a positive and help people in need as we do it. The fundraiser on September 10 is going to be huge with great live music, prizes and more.”

Though initial details of the incident at The Irish Times were sketchy, once the chatter died down, the facts were proven to be relatively simple. When a group walked into the pub, one displaying his tattoos of Nazi symbolism and attempted to order a beer, after pouring a drink, the staff member spat in it and refused to serve it.

Despite no one being served the tainted drink, the action and the denial of service led to the the staff and owner of The Irish Times being targeted in a coordinated harassment campaign by neo-Nazis, which included threats and extortion. In an attempt to end the harassment, and at the direction of the threats, the owner fired the bartender and another staff member.

Despite being impacted financially, the former bar staff have refused donations, instead nominating LGTBQ+ causes to receive the funds.

No Bar For Nazis

Solidarity fundraising gig

Tickets available now. Donations can be made via GoFundMe

Munted Chunts
Petie Mckernan
Ze Wisenheimer

Saturday, 10th September

Venue TBC, Melbourne
Tickets: $12 at the door