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All Time Low kick off new era with ‘Some Kind of Disaster’

Baltimore pop punk boppers All Time Low started the year off teasing new material, even earning a spot on our ‘Most Anticipated Albums’ list. As we head into the latter half of January, the outfit haven’t disappointed, releasing single ‘Some Kind of Disaster’ today, in their truly consistent panache.

Speaking on the shiny new track, the band noted that the 2017 versions of themselves – the versions behind their last LP Last Young Renegade – are “no more”, reintroducing themselves in this new chapter as “your favourite disaster”.

“We took a step away for a minute”, they added, “did some growing, did some soul searching, some healing”. Now that they’re back, they’re ready to be “all yours again, our battle scars worn proudly, and our hair looking better than ever”.

Keeping within the current trend of artists leaving cryptic breadcrumbs for fans to follow before announcing their new album, they noted that it hasn’t been easy to keep their “secrets”.

“It’s a song and dance we’ve done a thousand times before, but this one feels extra-good. Besides, it’s never the same dance twice”, they reflected.

The upcoming release will qualify as the whopping eighth studio album from All Time Low, with their first, The Party Scene, dating all the way back to 2005. Not ones to truly rest, despite being on their break in 2019 they found the time to release a ten-year tribute to 2009’s Nothing Personal. Frontman Alex Gaskarth even made the trip down under with Blink-182’s Mark Hoppus for the Good Things Festival in December, representing their side project Simple Creatures.

We’ll cross our fingers for an album announcement and some Australian tour dates out of Camp All Time Low sooner rather than later. In the meantime, their new single should tide you over.

Listen to ‘Some Kind of Disaster’ below.