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Premiere: Deadshowws rip on shitty gig-goers on punchy new anthem ‘Baltimore’

If you’re into Violent Soho, Skegss and/or Hockey Dad, there’s a good chance we’re about to introduce you to your new favourite band.

Deadshowws are like the ultra-concentrated lovechild of those three acts – they’ve got the punchy, grungy and spongey kick of Soho, the visceral looseness of Skeggs and the vibe-heavy groove of the Daddies. But as we’ve learned with these Central Coast shred-heads, when you smoosh all of those traits together and throw in a spoonful of fresh mint, you wind up with something distinctly original – and very goddamn refreshing!

Coming hot on the heels of their debut EP, Sick Of Trying – which the foursome dropped back in May – is their spicy new ripper ‘Baltimore’, a cantering grunge-punk singalong about going “baaaaaaaack to the motherlaaaaand!” And despite it being a luminous, notably energised chunk of upbeat riffage, the origin story behind ‘Baltimore’ is a little muddier than expected. 

“There was a group of people at a show of ours,” Deadshowws say, “And they were acting heaps cool and loud and better than everyone and they just pissed us off. And then we started playing the show and they were front row dancing like they were our best mates, which ties in with the lyrics in the chorus, ‘Slowish Soho dancing, everyone just seems so fucking fake.’ And the rest of the song is about the ever-changing world we live in, and the constant technology that surrounds us.”

Because the kids in Deadshowws are absolute legends, they’ve given us here at BLUNT the privilege to offer up the very first official spin of ‘Baltimore’. So crank up your speakers, crack open a cold one, and get some Panadol ready for the strained neck you’re sure to have after headbanging like a maniac.

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