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Ocean Grove

Ocean Grove firm up ‘Flip Phone Fantasy’ album details with new single

With all the ruckus they’ve been causing lately, it’s been clear that Ocean Grove have been up to something. Today, the group confirm our suspicions by locking in the details of their impending record, Flip Phone Fantasy, which now has an official street date of Friday, 13th March.

Ocean Grove have been heads-down-bums-up working on the release for sometime now, with a handful of singles – ‘Ask For The Anthem’, ‘Sunny’, ‘Junkie$’ and ‘Neo’ – all currently swarming the population like the plague of ear-worms they absolutely are.

Fortunately, Flip Phone Fantasy is set to contain even more Odd-World style wonder and enchantment, including the brand new cut, ‘Thousand Golden People’, which is available for a rightful flogging right now.

We also have a bit more texture of what Ocean Grove will be putting down with the new album: a cornucopia of genres, styles and sensibilities not unlike what you would find on the CD Mixtape you burnt for your crush in Year 10. Or, as frontman Dale Turner puts it more eloquently:

“Rather than an album that streamlines in one direction of genre, ‘Flip Phone Fantasy’ has the capacity to be someone’s very own mixtape from start to finish. This record is the first of its kind, in that its sheer diversity will appeal to music listeners from all corners of the globe.”

The band’s bassist Twiggy Hunter interjects:

“The songs on the album have somewhat of a metaphorical undertone for the futuristic mirror image we hoped to embody by the end of the process. The album is a very intentional blue print for the changes we wanted to see in ourselves.”

Flip Phone Fantasy picks up where Ocean Grove’s previous effort, The Rhapsody Tapes, left off. Emboldened by the success of the debut, the band have doubled-down, injecting more personality, charm and style into their craft promising for a weird and wonderful rollercoaster ride through the imagination of Tanner, Hunter, Sam Bassal and Matt Henley.