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Northlane announce deluxe edition of ‘Alien’

Purveyors of progressive metalcore, habitual ARIA Award winners, and connoisseurs of fine wine, Northlane have demonstrated their considerable work ethic of late, and are showing no signs of slowing down any time soon. The group has today announced an impending limited edition deluxe run of their latest album Alien, to coincide with the official release of their brand new track ‘Enemy Of The Night’.

Alien Deluxe will hit shelves as soon as Friday, 31st July and will assume the form of 2x LPs in neon pink. Contained within the LPs will be the original release, which dropped in August last year, as well as a full instrumental version of the album plus the brand new “satellite single”, ‘Enemy Of The Night.’

‘Enemy Of The Night’ was shared with the world for the first time this week. A testament to the band’s desire to both challenge and spoil their fan base, the release was teased in the comment section of the band’s recently debuted mini-doc ‘Negative Energy’, before appearing in the form of a QR code found on the label of their signature wine range.

Though technically not affiliated with the Alien album cycle, ‘Enemy Of The Night’ came to life during the Alien sessions, and continues to tell the personal and harrowing stories from the childhood of vocalist Marcus Bridge.

“‘Enemy Of The Night’ was the last song to be completed and is personally my favourite song from the Alien sessions,” says Bridge. “It has a similar, storytelling style to ‘Freefall’ as it recounts memories and experiences from my childhood of my father falling deeper into addiction and the desperate things people will do to satisfy those needs. Despite his best efforts, he was never able to beat his demons. This song is the missing piece to the Alien puzzle and I can’t wait for everyone to hear it.” 

Pre-orders of Alien‘s deluxe edition are available via the UNFD store.