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Composite image featuring left to right Northlane vocalist Marcus Bridge and singer Kate Miller Heidke

Northlane’s Marcus Bridge collabs with Kate Miller-Heidke to reimagine iconic hit

Worlds colliding within the sprawling Australian music community isn’t entirely rare, especially when you have The Wiggles covering The Chats. But a brand new uniting of homegrown talent has raised the bar for unlikely collaborations, with Northlane’s Marcus Bridge teaming up with iconic singer/songwriter Kate Miller-Heidke to rough up the edges of Miller-Heidke’s globe-stopping hit, ‘The Last Day On Earth’.

Released as part of the official trailer for the forthcoming Paramount+ original series The Last King Of The Cross, ‘The Last Day On Earth (Feat. Marcus Bridge)’ will be officially available on Thursday, 19th January, with a promo snippet doing the rounds already.

Hearing a moment of the 4-minute jam, we can be sure there are many sonic peaks and troughs yet to experience, but already we can see that the song, revised through the snarling and soaring vocal stylings of Bridge, has only been given more stopping power. So much so that if you’re personally going through something right now, we suggest you approach with caution. If you don’t feel something from this rendition, we suggest you see your doctor.

Originally released in 2009, ‘The Last Day On Earth’ was penned by Miller-Heidke and her partner Keir Nuttall and appeared as the final single from 2008’s Curiouser. Straight out of the gates, the track was a hit debuting at #3 on the ARIA charts before going on to become triple platinum.

Bridge is no stranger to dizzying success either. As the only Australian band to hold three heavy music ARIA awards, Northlane now occupy a place in the Australian music scene usually reserved for the, well, Kate Miller Heidke’s of the world. Northlane’s latest album Obsidian went on to score the pole position on the ARIA charts, also landing in the pointy end of charts in the UK. Both Miller-Heidke and Bridge are equally known to send shivers down the spine of all those who consider themselves peers vocally, so in that way, the unexpected team-up actually makes perfect sense.

The Last King Of The Cross retells the story of Sydney’s King Cross and of course, that of John Ibrahim. It hits Paramount+ on Friday, 17th February.