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Full Tilt

Northlane have launched their own wine range

Being a fan of Northlane is a great thing to be. If there’s one thing that the Australian ensemble takes into consideration it’s how to keep their fans both occupied and thoroughly entertained. If it’s not a digital scavenger hunt, it’s a podcast series or a short documentary. Today, it’s launching their own wine range.

The sophisticated so-and-so’s have combined forces with both Crowbar Sydney and Crowbar Brisbane, making use of the Crow-Lab facilities, to create the Enemy Of The Night range, featuring a “dark, brooding beast” of a Shiraz juxtaposed with a light, dry, polished Pinot Grigio.

Ever the thoughtful group, Northlane explain the rationale behind the range, explaining it as an embodiment of the light and dark elements the band incorporate in their dualistic, progressive soundscape.

Guitarist, and avid wine buff Josh Smith said of the range, “I’ve had a deep love affair with wines for as long as I can remember, and many guru friends have shown me the goods along the way. One of them approached me about doing a collaboration for something else fresh we’ve been cooking up in the Northlane camp and it was an opportunity I couldn’t miss.”

Interestingly enough, much like how the scavenger hunt wasn’t just a scavenger hunt, there seems to be more to the story with the wine range, with the point of sale adding “Hold on to your bottles until May 19 to scan the QR code!”


There have been hushed murmurs that tell of an unreleased track from the erstwhile Alien sessions, one that could perhaps see the light of day yet, and this could be the tentative release date.

Individually, the bottles are priced at $40 with a twin pack option for $70. Stocks are sure to be limited so if you want to get your hands on what’s most likely the first wine label to come from the Australian alternative scene, don’t mess about.