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Father Deer Hands

Father Deer Hands lead the way with ‘Make Me Feel’ clip

Sydney ensemble Father Deer Hands might be the new kids on the block, but that hasn’t stopped them from exhuming a certain panache, like you might see in a band who have released their second album, accrued all within the the time it took them to release their second single.

Today, the band have officially released said second single, ‘Make Me Feel’, alongside its visual stimuli.

To bring us ‘Make Me Feel’, Father Deer Hands have tapped deeper into their well of eclectic heavy soundscapes, further exploring the depths that debut single ‘No Happy Ending’ exhumed. Stitching together a patchwork of punk, metalcore and melodic hardcore, Father Deer Hands have in their mitts a unique sonic tapestry.

“We’re all so excited to be releasing ‘Make Me Feel’,” Father Deer Hands explain to Blunt Magazine. “Since our first release we’ve been blown away and overwhelmed by the amount of support we’ve received. ‘Make Me Feel’ has a special place in our hearts and we’re ready to take the next step and show you what we have been working on. We all hope you love it as much as we do.”

For the visual element, Father Deer Hands stayed largely faithful to the tried and true performance clip, woven into a pied-piper metaphor as frontman Matthew Betmalik waxes philosophical to a swelling crowd of like-minded ears.

Per the ethos of the track, the band added “there is so much more to life than that job you weren’t good enough for, those fair weather friends, and the love you lost. There IS something more than this! It’s within all of us. Time alone doesn’t heal, the power to wake up and restart is within YOU.”

With a vice-grip handle on their sound, a strong message to articulate and a incredibly fertile national scene in which to germinate, it’s a safe assumption Father Deer Hands will outgrow the confines of a ‘local band’ before we know it.