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Architects share post-apocalyptic video for new single

After a groundbreaking stream of their performance at Royal Albert Hall just over a week ago, UK heavyweights Architects have shared the second single off their upcoming full-length record today. Slated for a February release, For Those That Wish To Exist represents the ninth studio album from the metalcore kingpins. Following on from the debut single off the LP, ‘Animals‘, new song ‘Black Lungs’ is accompanied by a post-apocalyptic clip to boot.

The video was directed by Brighton-based filmmaker Jeb Hardwick, the man behind Architects’ previous visuals for ‘Death Is Not Defeat’, ‘Gone With The Wind‘ and ‘Hereafter‘. He’s also directed videos for everyone from Mariah Carey to Falling In Reverse, and contributed to Netflix’s Lonely Island special The Unauthorized Bash Brothers Experience.

The intention of the track and its clip is to focus on the role that we have to play in our treatment of nature, as we move closer towards the prospect that our time on this Earth has destructive consequences for the planet that we live on. Caring about the environment has been a staple theme of Architects’ previous releases, with their partnership with Sea Shepherd an exemplification of the band putting their money where their mouth is as they speak out for the cause.

For Those That Wish To Exist is set to touch on that concept and more, as Architects continue to deal with the loss of guitarist and songwriter Tom Searle in 2016. Their first album recorded without Searle was 2018’s Holly Hell, which featured the last song Searle had been working on before his death, ‘Doomsday’. This will be the second album the band have completed without Tom, who is survived by his twin brother, Dan. Rest in peace to Tom, who we will never forget.

Watch the new Architects video for ‘Black Lungs’ below.

The new album from Architects, For Those That Wish To Exist, is out on the 26th February 2021.