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Architects to host encore stream of their show at Royal Albert Hall

Making a livestream special is no easy feat, but UK titans Architects went above and beyond with their event over the weekend. Recorded in the empty Royal Albert Hall, the outfit’s live performance was viewed worldwide to a particularly appreciative audience. In recognition of that, they’ve shared that there will be an encore viewing of the livestream at 8PM GMT on November 23rd, which translates to 7am on November 24th for our Aussie readers (sorry).

If you’re from down under and you need to be up early for work, Sam Carter’s uncleans are sure to give you an unbeatable wake up call. Architects will be live tweeting along to the performance at the time, with the intention for everyone to have “one final viewing” together. Drummer Dan Searle originally tweeted the idea for the encore viewing, adding: “We’ll live tweet some stuff about the songs and the performance etc. It’ll be nice.”

The stream follows the release of new single ‘Animals’, the first glimpse of the act’s ninth studio album, For Those That Wish To Exist. Set to be released on February 26 via Epitaph, the record was self-produced. It follows on of course from 2018’s Holy Hell, which, if you’re a fan of the band, was an incredibly emotional output that came after the loss of founding guitarist and brother Tom Searle, who passed away in 2016 after a tragic battle with cancer.

Suffice to say, every new song, performance or word shared from Architects is the product of a journey of overcoming loss, paying tribute to the incredible soul that Dan had and the incredible music that he offered to the world. Before we go on and start crying, we’ll wrap with noting that you can hit up the stream at the link below.

You can access the stream of Architects Live at The Royal Albert Hall here.

Photo credit: Ed Mason