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DZ Deathrays, Alex Lahey and Baker Boy added to THPS Soundtrack

The forthcoming release of Tony Hawk Pro Skater 1 + 2 is rolling towards the metaphorical pool coping that is its September 4th release date, where it will be dropping in for a killer run that’s set to be a kickflip of nostalgia followed by a meaty switch-360-flip-to-nose-blunt of all together new experiences within the iconic digital skateboarding universe.

And rest assured, even if you aren’t that into skateboarding, the above paragraph still wouldn’t really make sense. We here at Blunt Magazine are just ever so excited.

Today, Activision have revealed the situation behind the game’s fabled soundtrack, what was originally an unintentional springboard for the career of many band back in the day.

In total, 37 songs will be added to the original playlist, and pumping you up via the game with a healthy cross section of iconic punk anthems from the ’90s, recent and current international mega hits and a crowd of up and comers, and Australian talent including our own peddlers of distorted chaos DZ Deathrays, the inimitable Alex Lahey as well as the incredibly important Baker Boy.

They join the likes of Machine Gun Kelly, A Tribe Called Quest, Billy Talent, Suicidal Tendencies, The Vandals *takes breath*, Dead Kennedys, Lagwagon, MXPX and many, many more.

Not only is it a sweet time to be a skateboarder, with the sport’s debut at the Olympics around the corner, it’s a great time to be a fan of Tony Hawk Pro Skater specifically. As well as the eagerly coveted physical game re-release, fans of the series are also awaiting the forthcoming tell-all documentary, Pretending I’m A Superman, set to drop on August 18.

Until then, behold the entire list of new artists set to be added to the iconic video game soundtrack, and obviously get keen.

• A Tribe Called Quest
• A. Swayze & the Ghosts
• Alex Lahey
• All Talk
• American Nightmare
• Backchat
• Baker Boy
• Billy Talent
• Black Prez ft. Kid Something
• Charlie Brown Jr.
• Cherry Kola
• Chick Norris
• Craig Craig ft. Icy Black
• Crush Effect ft. KARRA
• Destroy Boys
• DZ Deathrays
• JunkBunny
• Less Than Jake
• Machine Gun Kelly
• Merkules
• MxPx
• Pkew Pkew Pkew
• Reel Big Fish
• Rough Francis
• Screaming Females
• Skepta
• Spilt Milk
• Strung Out
• Sublime
• The Ataris
• The Super Best Frens Club
• Token
• Tyrone Briggs
• Viagra Boys
• Zebrahead