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Super Mario Animated Film

Nintendo share deets on the Super Mario animated film feat. STACKED cast

It’s been a hot minute since Nintendo and Illumination (the unholy behemoth responsible for Despicable Me) announced they’d be teaming up for an animated feature film led by our favourite Goomba-stomping, mushroom-munching plumber.

To be honest, though, the idea seemed so batshit crazy that at the time, many of us cast it aside. As the equal parts abysmal and hilarious ’93 Mario flick proved, something so top-heavy could never get up and walking without falling flat on its face. Well, we can all go kick rocks, it turns out, with Nintendo coming good on the details for the wild idea, locking in not only a release date vicinity, but also a bafflingly, insanely stacked cast.

Appearing during this week’s Nintendo Direct, Shigeru Miyamoto came in thick and fast with some brief specifics for the Super Mario animated film, confirming that the voice of our charismatic lead will be handled by none other than Marvel’s Starlord himself, Chris Pratt. Anya Taylor-Joy, who we’re fairly certain can do no wrong, has been cast as Princess Peach.

It’s Always Sunny in Philadelphia star Charlie Day will be playing Luigi, which even just reading should be enough to get you chuckling. Everyone’s stoner boyfriend, Seth Rogen, will be voicing Donkey Kong. Key And Peele’s Keegan-Michael Key has been tagged for Toad, and – brace yourselves for this one – the man, the myth, and the majestic legend himself, Jack Black, will be playing Bowser.

Portlandia/SNL star Fred Armisen has been locked in to voice Cranky Kong, as have the booming low vocals of voice actor Kevin Michael Richardson (Invincible, Lilo + Stitch, etc) for Kamek. Comedian Sebastian Maniscalco is where the hype begins to taper off, but we’re sure he’ll nail it anyway.

Curiously enough, it’s also been confirmed that the original voice actor for both Mario and Luigi, Charles Martinet, will also be in the film (for those playing at home,Martinet also voiced Wario and Waluigi from time to time). Perhaps we’re looking at some sort of Nintendo multiverse type situation (a Nintendoverse, if you will). Hell, everyone else is doing it. though for those playing at home.

The film has been slated for a 2022 holiday release, so we can brace for a solid date somewhere between early November and late December.