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Rumour has it a ‘Borat’ sequel has been filmed

Even in his attempts to be incognito, Sacha Baron Cohen has been making some waves of late. But such is the M.O of the comedian, you can never really be sure just what the hell he’s scheming. Now, some rumours have put the entertainment industry in a tailspin with reports that not only is a Borat sequel in production – it’s been filmed and serviced to select industry screenings.

The rumours come from Collider, and seem to be far fetched enough to be the real deal. Per their sources, Collider have teased an incredibly meta return of Baron’s alter ego, with the premise of the film allegedly being “Cohen playing Borat playing Cohen.”

It’s rumoured the films plot will follow Borat in the current era, in which he is still experiencing dizzying fame following the success of his debut, Borat: Cultural Learnings of America for Make Benefit Glorious Nation of Kazakhstan, first released in 2006. Per the source, the film will see Borat attempting to retain his sense of privacy, in a world gone mad for Borat / Cohen.

Adding even more protein to the rumours is the below footage of Cohen reprising the character for a skit filmed in LA this year.

Considering the original film grossed $262 million worldwide, a sequel should come as no surprise. The film was directed by Larry Charles and produced by Cohen and Jay Roach. So far, no confirmation has come as to who is behind the rumoured sequel.

That said, sources have confirmed to Collider that Borat 2 screenings have begun, specifically for “a select few industry types.” Should that be the case, it will probably be some time before it reaches the general public. And, considering the wave of destruction kicked up from Cohen’s previous project Who Is America, it might be somewhat challenging for Borat 2 to find corporate backing.

It’s worth noting that while other sources have since come forward to refute various claims, none have refuted the film’s existence.

This is not a drill.