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Sacha Baron Cohen

Sacha Baron Cohen trolls far-right militia rally as fake musician

Current Era Sacha Baron Cohen continues to be the IRL South Park plot point that even the South Park creators couldn’t have conceived. The actor / comedian / cultural superhero was recorded over the weekend waltzing right into the lion’s den – a far-right militia rally in North America, all in the name of allowing the group to make a fool of themselves for our entertainment.

Taking place on Saturday in Olympia, Washington, the so-called ‘March for Our Rights 3’ was yet another red, white and blue hazed, thinly attended ode to far-right ideology that most likely would have gone entirely unnoticed were it not for Sacha Baron Cohen’s incognito cameo as a phoney bluegrass performer.

In a video posted online, the performer, who even from a distance resembles the Ali G creator, can be heard indulging in an incredibly violent and racist song, rousing the audience to partake in a sing-along to which they seem more than obliging. The lyrics have since made their way online, which give a pretty decent idea of the quality of humans at the rally.

“Dr Fauci, what we gonna do? Inject him with the Wuhan flu. WHO, what we gonna do? Chop em up like the Saudis do.”

Details on how Cohen infiltrated the incredibly guarded group are scarce, but organisers have gone on the record to explain that a last minute mystery donor offered to put up for a live performance from a musician as well as foot the bill for security.

It’s understood that once organisers realised they had been hoodwinked, the Cohen-paid security blocked off the stage and generator, preventing them from ending the performance. Cohen then left their area rather quickly in an ambulance waiting on site.

But then, in an absolute nerves of steel move, Cohen allegedly returned once again, disguised as a reporter to interview the organisers.

Cohen has been largely silent since the season finale of his Who Is America series that claimed the scalps of many, but it looks as though another season could be in the works, no doubt crescendoing in this magnificent display of wit, vocal prowess and logistical brilliance.