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The Chats

Watch: We went record shopping with The Chats

Whoever said Australia has no culture is clearly yet to stumble upon The Chats. In no time at all, the hard working Banana Benders have climbed the ranks of the international music scene from their humble pub-rock origins, to the dizzying heights of praise from the mouth of Karl Stefanovic himself.

In the time it took them to ready their debut album High Risk Behaviour (out Friday), The Chats have won the hearts and minds of most of the world, finding fans not only in our Karlos, but also cultural icons Dave Grohl, Alex Turner and Josh Homme A.K.A. three people who are very hard to impress.

By vehemently honouring Aussie culture, to the point of unearthing the ‘Succulent Chinese Meal’ guy for the sake of their latest music video, The Chats have become an unstoppable force.

But it wasn’t an overnight success. Ahead of the release of their debut album, Blunt Magazine went record shopping with bassist Eamon and drummer Matt to learn about records from other artists that had an impact on theirs.

The end result was a journey through seminal punk releases, including Australia’s own Cosmic Psychos and Tyrannamen, through to The Clash, Iggy Pop and (lots of) The Ramones, with a cheeky stop off at the Rod Stewart section.

Check it out below.

Record Shopping With: The Chats