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Ocean Grove

Watch: We went record shopping with Ocean Grove

The monster that is Ocean Grove’s highly anticipated album Flip Phone Fantasy is now so close, it’s causing ripples in glasses of water all throughout the land. In fact, someone should probably get Jeff Goldblum on the line.

Flip Phone Fantasy hits shelves – both digital and otherwise – this Friday 13th of March, and with it comes a whole new era for the band. A lot has changed within the Ocean Grove camp since their last outing, 2017’s The Rhapsody Tapes, but their charm, character and dedication to curating their trademark Odd World sound remains stronger than ever.

Ahead of the release of the album, we hit Sydney’s beloved Utopia Records with frontman Dale Tanner and bass man Twiggy Hunter.

Flicking through the endless rows of records, Dale and Twiggy walked us through some of the titles that mean the most to them, many of which are childhood favourites that continue to impact their creative output to this day.

From Rage Against The Machine to Faith No More to Kate Bush and Bjork…then all the way back again to Dune Rats; we sure as hell got an interesting and insightful peak under the hood of Ocean Grove, and the creative forces going into Flip Phone Fantasy.