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Masked Wolf

Watch: Behind the mask of Masked Wolf

Whatchu know about Sydney rapper Masked Wolf?

Chances are, more than you realise. When an artist starts to clock daily figures to the tune of 5 million streams per 24-hour period, you don’t need to do anything to know about them, they’ll enter your orbit through sheer osmosis alone. With his new single, ‘Astronaut In The Ocean’ now exceeding the 100 million streams mark, Blunt Magazine thought it was high-time we sat down with the hitmaker, to see for ourselves what’s happening behind the mask.

From the outside looking in, Masked Wolf is an overnight success. He’s shared screen time with the likes of Jimmy Fallon, appeared at the pointy end of both the ARIA and Billboard charts and earned a cheeky #1 globally on Shazam, all in the name of a viral hit which has resulted in even J.Lo grooving to his work. But as is often the case, what we see before us now is the culmination of more than a decade of grinding.

As we would learn speaking with Masked Wolf, also known as Harry, his stage name is misleading – deliberately so. Rather than hiding behind the identity, he explains that as an artist, he’s in the process of removing his own mask, revealing himself as a creative and a human. As such, he isn’t looking back at his brief but effective catalogue and thinking that “Masked Wolf is in the room.” He looks back at it and thinks: “Masked Wolf is just getting started.”

Masked Wolf’s affinity with the alternative scene goes deeper than the incorporation of darker sonic elements in his production, from tone to guitar riffs. His mega-hit caught the attention of tastemakers Our Last Night, who gave the track the alt blow up it deserved, much to the approval of Masked Wolf himself – Welcome to the Black Parade indeed, Mr. Wolf.

Already proving considerably cool in the face of surging international acclaim, Masked Wolf has the right head to make it to the top of the game. Undeterred by criticism, genre rules and fitting into boxes, this is one artist quickly proving to be an unstoppable force.