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The Ghost Inside Set To Shred Once More At Vans Warped Tour 2017


It would seem that every time we write an article about The Ghost Inside, we feel the lump in our throats getting bigger and bigger. The band found themselves in a nasty bus crash last November, which not only killed their driver, but also the driver of the semi trailer they collided with. Drummer Andrew Tkaczyk suffered a leg amputation but has been making incredible progress in regaining his strength, while guitarist Zack Johnson lost several toes as a result of his injuries, and vocalist Jonathan Vigil – who is otherwise learning to walk again – is currently battling a bone infection.

Hope is not lost for the Californian melodicore crew – while life’s swinging hard, they’re swinging so much harder. All members of the band have posted their updates with smiles on their faces and clamours of positivity, and while the understandable expectation would be to quit music altogether – having endured such a horrific chain of events – The Ghost Inside have sworn to rise victorious, no matter their setbacks.

Along with this morning’s announcement of the Warped Tour 2016 lineup, it was announced that The Ghost Inside will make their return to the stage at Warped ’17, the festival’s twitter account posting: “You heard it here first. 2017 is the year of , see you guys next summer.” Of course, it’s entirely possible that the band will announce their own tours prior to that, given the 15-month gap between now and then. It’s also possible that further setbacks will push the band off Warped ’17 as well, but either way, we’re absolutely stoked to see the guys making progress and gearing up for new shows.

Warped Tour promotor Kevin Lyman commented on the announcement by letting out with the band’s original plans to play this year’s event. “When that accident happened, I said, ‘I will hold this spot until the day before Warped Tour started.’ I said ‘It’s your spot’ – I’ve never announced a band for a tour a year and a half ahead.”

Given the United States’ current health care system, the medical costs for each member have probably reached unfathomable heights by this point, so if you can possibly manage it, you can donate to The Ghost Inside’s Gofundme to help them along with their road to recovery. $157,620 has been raised thus far, but in all honesty, that’s just a drop in the ocean of help the band could use.

Prepare yourself for The Ghost Inside’s return with a stream of “Mercy” below!

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