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The Ghost Inside’s Jonathan Vigil Posts Update From Recovery

The Ghost Inside

The good news just keeps on coming from The Ghost Inside camp lately, with frontman Jonathan Vigil posting a video snippet of his rehabilitation.

The clip features Vigil taking steps on a walker following the tragic bus accident that left the metalcore outfit with serious injuries. He tweeted it, captioned “Progress. Progress everyday.”

Vigil recently moved to a rehabilitation clinic closer to his home, after experiencing two broken ankles, neck and back fractures, a back wound, ligament damage on his knee, a broken tooth and a skin graft on his right elbow. It was just a week ago that he commented on Instagram that “he was going to fully recover”, after “going from being in bed and being incoherent to standing on my own in a matter of two and a half months”.

Andrew Tkaczyk, The Ghost Inside’s drummer, also featured in a video from the Mary Free Bed Rehabilitation Hospital that shows his steps to recovery after the accident left him waking up from a 10-day coma with an amputated right leg. Despite his medical condition, Tkaczyk remains adamant that he will return to music, noting that regardless of the “long road of healing and recovery”, he’s “gonna figure it out”. Tkaczyk will require prosthetics that are customised for his kick pedal in order to return to the kit.

The Gofundme set up to contribute to The Ghost Inside’s medical expenses is still active, so head here if you’d like to donate. A separate Gofundme for the family of Greg Hoke, one of two drivers killed in the November crash, can be found here.

Watch Vigil’s recovery snippet below.

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