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The Ghost Inside’s Jonathan Vigil Is Now Battling A Bone Infection

The Ghost Inside
Images via Instagram.

Because this band hasn’t already been through enough… The Ghost Inside, otherwise known as the most admirable band in metalcore, have seemingly been dealt another blow with frontman Jonathan Vigil telling fans he has been diagnosed with a bone infection.

The update is one of many distressing injuries to follow a bus crash the band was involved in last November, which not only killed their driver, but also the driver of the semi trailer they collided with. Drummer Andrew Tkaczyk has been regaining his strength following a leg amputation, while guitarist Zack Johnson lost several toes as a result of his injuries.

Vigil, who has otherwise been learning to walk again, explained on his Instagram that his “ankle bone is infected” and that “twice a day, for six weeks, I have to get antibiotics put into an IV in my arm before I can start my other surgeries”.

As ever, Vigil and his bandmates are remaining positive about the situation, with the frontman conceding that he’s “alive and not paralyzed, hence the smile on my face”.

Given the United States’ current health care system, the medical costs for each member have probably reached unfathomable heights by this point, so if you can possibly manage it, you can donate to The Ghost Inside’s Gofundme to help them along with their road to recovery.


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