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The Fresh Squeeze

The Fresh Squeeze: Whatever, Forever

Welcome to The Fresh Squeeze, where every Monday and Friday, BLUNT gets down to the wire with an up-and-coming act we simply can’t get enough of. 

In today’s shiny new edition, we get the juice on Sydney emo-punk outfit Whatever, Forever, who with their viciously emotive new five-tracker, Slowly Dying With You, are guaranteed to tug at both your heartstrings and the laces on your best pair of Vans – you’ll feel a whole bunch of feelings, but you’ll also feel the innate need to start cutting sick in a mosh pit. 

Named for the ultra-catchy hook in Modern Baseball’s underground classic ‘Rock Bottom’, Whatever, Forever deal in the kind sharply energised pop-punk that a band with their influences would. But perhaps by proxy of the fact Chas and Nick (who both share vocal and guitar duties) also play in deathcore outfit Justice For The Damned – another band BLUNT recently featured – there’s a visceral heaviness to Whatever, Forever that makes them stand leagues above their peers.

Who’s in your band, what do they play, and what would be your non-musical superpowers?
I’m Chas, and I sing and play guitar in the band. Nick also plays guitar and sings and Rudds plays bass. Our superpower is definitely being general legends.

When you’re not tearing shit up on your instruments, what do you legends like to get up to?
The three of us are great friends and practically brothers, so we share a lot of interests. We love a hearty breakfast at one of our favourite cafes, takin’ pics, surfing or building guitar pedals.

What would your hometown’s landmark be?
No question, The Ori in Springwood, the best bistro around and a special place for us.

What’s the usual first topic of conversation when you take a break at rehearsal?
Usually we’d cycle between talking about the jam itself or funny shit that’s happened to us recently, maybe duck into some films – shit we’d like to do one day, typical stuff.

What’s your pre-show warm-up routine?
Definitely aim to get the hands and voice warm and calibrated (for lack of a better word). Usually just play some riffs I’m liking; some go-to warmup tracks in the past have been on Coldplay’s first album or Alexisonfire’s Crisis.

Tell us about your most memorable show, what made it so special?
Right as COVID kicked in, we got so lucky with what I’d call one of my most favourite shows ever, at The Burdekin in Sydney. It totally blew all of our expectations out the window – incredible energy in the room from start to finish.

What band would you most like to share the stage with and why?
Basement. They were a huge inspiration for me when I first started playing guitar. Their riffs just sounded so sick, especially live. It would be a huge full-circle moment for me to play a show with those guys.

What’s the most exciting album you’ve listened to recently?
My sister recently put me onto an album called In Praise Of Shadows by Puma Blue. It’s so weird, I was almost searching for it. I started craving this sound through a resurfacing love for some old Radiohead and Massive Attack, so this album hitting the spot is an understatement. 

If you could be endorsed by one company, who would it be?
100 percent, Fender all day.

Why are you going to make it to the top over all the other contenders in the musical arena?
Because it’s our destiny, and nothing else lives up to the fulfilment of pushing through the hard times for what’s on offer on the other side.

Slowly Dying With You is out now independently. Check out ‘Ghost Of Me’ below, then click here to stream the full EP.

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