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The Fresh Squeeze

The Fresh Squeeze: The Money War

Welcome to The Fresh Squeeze, where every week, BLUNT gets down to the wire with an up-and-coming act we simply can’t get enough of. In this edition, we’re showcasing West Aussie indie-rockers (and bonafide power-couple) The Money War, whose silky, summery and smoky new tune ‘Miles Away’ is sure to put you in a trance.

Who’s in your band, what do they play, and what would be your non-musical superpowers?
The Money War is Carmen and Dylan Ollivierre. On record we layer things up a bit and sometimes get other friends to come in and play too. When we play live we have our good friends Matt (guitar), Caleb (drums) and Chris (keys) join us. I reckon Carmen’s superpower is her abilities as a mum. Dylan’s would probably be the ability able to sleep through anything.

When youre not tearing shit up on your instruments, what do you legends like to get up to?
We love going to the beach, cooking, and listening to podcasts. Nothing super fancy. We’ve got a one-year-old, so life is pretty domestic at the moment.

What would your hometowns landmark be?
Probably our beaches. There are so many beautiful beaches up and down the Western Australian coast! I always have a hard time describing what Australian culture is like, as well. I feel like our landmarks are much the same. It’s not like we have a Leaning Tower of Pisa, but we do have hundreds of kilometres of wonderful beaches. 

Whats the usual first topic of conversation when you take a break at rehearsal?
Usually slinging shit on each other about something. This may be sporting-related or just whatever we can find.

Whats your pre-show warm-up routine?
Stretches and a dance to some MJ.

Tell us about your most memorable show, what made it so special?
I think supporting Neil Finn (of Crowded House). He is a songwriting hero of mine, and after the show he made an effort to come and meet us and tell us how much he liked our songs. Definitely a life highlight!

What band would you most like to share the stage with and why?
Maybe Alabama Shakes, just so they would get back together and start making music again.

Whats the most exciting album youve listened to recently?
I’m really enjoying the new Bleachers album. I think Jack Antonoff is just super creative and guides production based on what is needed to get the song and story across. That album feels like its purely made up of creative decisions and not worried about being too loud or slick. It feels like he’s not worried about competing with other contemporary records.

If you could be endorsed by one company, who would it be?
Yumi’s Hummus. I eat a tub a week. Seriously though, probably a microphone company like Neumann or AEA to get lots of the studio gear I want.

Why are you going to make it to the top over all the other contenders in the musical arena?
What is the top? Our goal is to make music that we like and keep getting better with each release.

‘Miles Away’ is out now independently. Check it out below, or stream it on Spotify / Apple Music / Amazon Music / Bandcamp / Youtube

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