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VOIID approach taboo subject with new single

Brissie outfit VOIID are more punk than most bands could ever hope to be. The reason for that is simple – they’re not afraid to speak out against the bullshit experiences that women in our society are faced with. It’s an important message for our world but also for our sometimes ignorant scene, and they’re continuing the campaign today with new single ‘Bug’.

“The subjects we’ve chosen to write about are things we take very seriously and things that we wish to push forward and this single is no exception”, the act commented, adding that ‘Bug’ “explores the topic of abortion and how some people have distorted views on someone’s personal choice to not carry a pregnancy to term for their own reasons and the result of these views affecting those who have chosen/have had to undergo that procedure. We wont delve too much in to this topic and will leave it up for discussion, however we’re sure you’ll understand the message we are trying to convey.”

‘Bug’ is taken from VOIID’s upcoming EP, Socioanomaly, which will drop on the 5th of June. We genuinely can’t wait to see what comes next from the band, with ‘Bug’ following powerhouse single ‘Sour’ which was unveiled earlier this year. “As you may have noticed with our previous single”, VOIID noted with reference to the track, “we have taken a sharp turn with the music we’ve been writing for the new EP where we aim to open a bigger conversation on various topics that are considered taboo.”

“We didn’t write ‘Sour’ so that it could be easily digested, we wrote it to begin a conversation that is being ignored in the world right now,” guitarist Kate McGuire explained to Blunt Magazine when we premiered the track. “We feel like with our past releases it has been super easy for people to not take us seriously, and this song is our response. We’ve had fun with our material in the past, but now we have something to say and we want people to hear it for what it is.”