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Turnstile drop surprise EP and short film

Originally heralded as one of our generation’s leading hardcore bands, Turnstile have never been bothered by the boxes they’ve been put in – they’re happy to sprinkle seven shades of punk into making music that you can also dance to, so long as they never make the mistake of restricting themselves or their art. Continuing with that vision in their hearts today, they’ve shared a surprise EP in the form of TURNSTILE LOVE CONNECTION, accompanied by a short film of the same name directed by vocalist Brendan Yates. Having made its debut in theatres across the United States, the full film is now available to watch below.

While this specific offering was teased by the gang earlier this month with the release of lead single ‘MYSTERY’, it still marks a momentous occasion, especially given that this is the first original material that we’ve seen from the band since their 2018 sophomore output Time & Space. Produced by the legendary Will Yip the first time around, Turnstile haven’t been completely quiet since its release, returning to the record for a re-work of tracks ‘Generator’, ‘Real Thing’ and ‘I Don’t Wanna Be Blind’ shared last year under the title of SHARE A VIEW. They teamed up with Aussie producer Mall Grab for the revisitation effort, who added a sprinkle of his electronic/dance finesse to the always outstanding proceedings.

Further proof that Turnstile truly do never miss, TURNSTILE LOVE CONNECTION is a victorious collection of experimental yet cohesive tunes, complete with an equally creative visual companion. Those that have seen Turnstile live however know that when they hit the stage, the game for the 4-song collection will change entirely once more. Until we meet them again at our local venue, they’ve captured some of that magic in the film that they’ve pieced together.

Watch the TURNSTILE LOVE CONNECTION short film below.